GRAYL Wins on Science Channel

GRAYL's Nancie Weston (CEO) and Travis Merrigan (COO) appeared on All-American Makers, a new TV show that premiered January 21st on the Science Channel. Part reality and part inventor’s showcase, the show pitted four startup products against each other, analyzing each for functionality, market appeal and style. GRAYL was selected as the winner, thereby recognized as the most promising investment of the four startups.

Don't let anybody tell you that being on TV is easy because it is not; long periods of waiting punctuated by rushes of travel between various sets across enormous warehouses. It was all worth it though, and without a doubt the people on the set made it an experience that GRAYL will never forget. Here's what Nancie and Travis had to say about it:

“We loved seeing the ingenuity and passion the inventors brought to their products! It was no love fest because we were in competition with them during the shoot but each of the other three teams approached their work with so much ingenuity. In particular, Peter (from Rocket Skates) inspired us with his charged excitement and seemingly millions of ideas and a cool perspective on how to get it all done.

And then there were the rock solid hosts, Brian and Brock. Though not mentioned on the show, Brock created the very first consumer 3d printer Printrbot. 3D printing was a niche technology until Brock figured out how to bring it to the masses and his 2011 Kickstarter Campaign was one of the biggest successes at the time.

Lastly, we loved the crew – the cameramen, grips, assistant producers, makeup artists, etc. They kept us endlessly entertained with their stories about working on big movie productions and popular reality TV shows. These women and men made the show possible. The producers, stars and directors get all the glory but it's the crew that gets the job done."

Neither Travis nor Nancie are going to quit their day jobs to become TV stars but it was a crazy, hectic and fun experience they will never forget.… and GRAYL got on TV.

Clips from the show are available at and the entire episode is available ($) at