Why We Adopted a Storm Drain

Last summer, while walking to a tradeshow in Salt Lake City, we stumbled upon an exceedingly filthy stormwater drain littered with single-use plastics. The accumulation of plastic pollution on the surface of the drain cover was shocking – so much so we even Instagrammed it.

In the months that ensued, we didn’t give the dirty memory much thought until we happened upon a volunteer stormwater drain program we found while doing research on local water quality issues in the Puget Sound area. The volunteer program, Adopt-a-Drain, is offered through the City of Seattle and designed to help the city maintain stormwater infrastructure, and amongst other things prevent pollutants from entering streams, creeks and Puget Sound.

Inspired from that gloomy tradeshow stroll, we’re now elated to share that we have adopted a storm drain that is just a stone's throw away from our office door in beautiful Seattle.

Adopting and caring for the storm drain will task GRAYL staff with the simple job of keeping the drain clear of organic debris, pollution and reporting any issues or concerns with the drain. Additionally, we’ve been encouraged to continue doing the following to do our part in reducing stormwater pollution:

  • Drive less
  • Limit our use of pesticides and fertilizers, and use environmentally safe products
  • Dispose of trash properly and recycle whenever possible
  • Pick up after our pets
  • Take leftover paints and chemicals to proper disposal areas
  • Reduce the amount of impervious surfaces in our yards

Cheers to Adopt-a-Drain programs being adopted nationwide!