GRAYL water filtration cup works like a french press. Fill, press and drink clean, safe water in seconds. Filters and purifiers for TAP, TRAIL, TRAVEL.

Different From Other Filtration

In seconds, GRAYL's Water Filtration Cup makes safe, great tasting water. No prolonged waiting (gravity filters), pumping, squeezing or sucking.



How It Works


A filter for all occasions.



Our interchangeable filters provide varying levels of protection. The TAP removes many chemicals and heavy metals, TRAIL adds protection from bacteria and protozoan cysts, and the TRAVEL provides the ultimate defense against viruses while traveling in developing countries or highly impacted wilderness areas.

Our Story

Our name was not chosen lightly. Fundamentally changing the way we each access clean drinking water was an ambitious goal. We're hardly the first to tackle the problem. We pressed on, without preconceived ideas and with a clear goal; to create a personal water filtration cup that can travel across town or around the globe. It is a journey that has changed us forever, and now it's finally beginning to change the world. Read more.